Let´s take a sneak peek at the newest windows dressing from Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren at London´s fashion district.

While the team of the already missed McQueen has opted to slough off their former outfits into boa´s patterns and fittings, the American dean has decided for a This all, folk´s remembrance for his Londoner store.

More than impossible, arty shoes to heel up until unknown heights for the enfant terrible of the British catwalk, plus platforms and squared tops to savage their former peep toes range.

Ruffles and frills following the curvy path designed by elegant snakes make the rest of the new season proposal.

In the meantime, Ralph Lauren looks back and offers a retrospective vision of the jean-a-porter, with a banjo soundtrack, lightly tie-dye jeanish outfits and a wardrobe that will remind to a many few their childhood readings of Anne of Green Gables: ballooned sleeves, Liberty flowers, high waists, slightly full skirts, ankle whit shocks paired with leather colored mannish shoes and even more boyish but cute peaked caps.