What can bring together two Brit fashion giants that, apparently little have in common? Flowers! Spring is here, it´s blooming lovely and nobody dares to ignore it.

This does seem to be the obvious answer for the creative directors of Fred Perry and Liberty. The outcome of the latest collaboration between them is Liberty Blank Canvas, a doubly quintessential British collection of classic Fred Perry products with the iconic Liberty prints.

The joint forces present a stand-out-from-the-crowd-in-classic Fred Perry pieces styled using two of Liberty’s timeless paisley and floral prints. 

Among the favorites, a re-worked classic M12 polo, a short sleeved shirt fully printed in both Liberty prints and the Classic Fred Perry Black Harrington Jacket with paisley Liberty lining.

If you are getting excited as you read further, don´t waste more time and head to the Fred Perry store at 6-8 Shorts Gardens, within the fashionable neighborhood of Seven Dials, in Covent Garden.