If you are among the lucky ones who will be enjoying the Madrilenian sun and nightlife next weekend, make some time to take a drop in Fortuny´s Palace.

From 7pm you will have the chance to enjoy from the hottest designer sale in town. Lasting until 2am, for the very first hours there will be complimentary snacks to take care of your style hunger, dressed with live music. To whip the cream they will also draw lots for five whole tickets for an exclusive Spa in the Spanish capital.

Among the stalls you will find accessorizes, hats and jewellery from Almudena de Güemes, Andrea Carucci, Beatriz Palomares, Carolina Zapata (A0), Consuelo de Tapia Bisutería, Cristina Ruiz, Julia Lorente Strunk Complementos (Unoypunto), Diana Mendoza Bisutería Plata, Briole, Maite Acedo Perlas or Sandra Mundy.

At the jumble, bike´s helmets signed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, vintage mix by Second Look, photography from Capturando Emociones, and electrical motorbikes with a special taste for design.  

What: ‘Snacks, Shopping, Music & Garden’

When: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 7:00pm

Where: PALACIO DE FORTUNY. C/Fortuny, 34