Summer of Love Music Festival will be taking on Carnaby this weekend. Live music, go go dancers and shopping promotions as the whip of the cream of the Carnaby’s 50th Anniversary.

Your shopping break will have the newest soundtrack as you can hear new music throughout the weekend from the likes of Connett, Redtrack, The Universal, The Last Grand, Eliza Doolittle and Sophie Delila.

As their birthday present, many Carnaby brands have created one off 50th Anniversary products which will launch exclusively this weekend including Merc, Ben Sherman, Replay, Gola Classics and independents Blaqua, Social Suicide, Beyond The Valley, Creative Beadcraft, Peckham Rye and Harriet Sanders.

Limited Edition 50th Anniversary products – Several Carnaby brands have created special, limited edition products as part of the 50th anniversary.  On Carnaby Street products include special T-shirt’s at Replay and Ben Sherman, Gola Classics have a limited edition Reford bag and pick up a 60s football shirt at Soccer Scene.   In Foubert’s Place get your Twiggy lashes at Pixi and in Kingly Court, Harriet Sanders has a limited edition leather bag, stamped with iconic 60s photographs by Philip Townsend.   In the Newburgh Quarter men’s tailors Social Suicide has created a contemporary cotton tie in red, blue and white and Blaqua has designed a one-off 60s inspired paisley shirt. Men’s accessories brand Peckham Rye has designed a silk tie in 60s inspired fabric and iconic tee brand Savage London has created a limited edition design in both men and women styles. Creative Beadcraft has designed a limited edition Swarovski necklace.

In the meanwhile, the ON/OFF Shop is giving you an exclusive preview to their designer pop-up store at 10 Newburgh Street, by the time you can discover a variety of in-store activities in the area over the weekend. They include a San Francisco beach party at Benefit and 60s make-overs complete with Twiggy lashes will be available at Pixi and Make Up Store.  Free tea tasting will take place at Camellia World Teas in Kingly Court and original Lambretta scooters will be showcased outside of the Lambretta store on Carnaby Street.

Discounts will be offered at Camper (10%), Pixi (20%), Hilfiger Denim (20% off Summer Jeans), Vans (20%) Hurwundeki (20%), Carte Blanche (20%), Carry Me Home (15%), Darimeya (30%), Stromboli’s Circus (20%), Fur Coat No Knickers (10% on all accessories) in Kingly Court, Aqua (30%), Concrete (20%), Office (15%) and special promotions and offers at Creative Beadcraft.