Women Britain are loyal. Or at least they try. If the loyalty issue comes to terms of fashion, then, it becomes a fact. This is one of the findings offered in the last market research conducted by M&S Money and focused on attitudes towards old favorites and found that not everyone throws things away easily. We are happy to re-use our belongings if they’re in good working order, still in fashion or they just make us feel good.

The study, launched to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the British house, reveals that 6 million women stay loyal to the favorite ‘LBDs’ they’ve bought in the past. These women hang onto their little black dress ‘LBD’, with over 43 million ‘old favorites’ stored in British closets, according to new research. 1998 is the vintage year, with items cherished for an average of 12 years and 4.5 million women have held on to old favorites for over 25 years.

Apparently, we’re likely to hang onto our favorites items for an average of 12 years, proving that things can and do last the test of time – making our ‘vintage year’ 1998. A quarter of us however have held onto ‘old favorites’ for over 15 years, and 4.5 million for more than 25 years.

Homes and wardrobes are dominated by our favorite things; for one in 10 of us these date back to the 1980s. Almost nine in 10 (86%) admit to harboring an ‘old favorite’.

When asked why they have kept these things for so long, good quality that lasted the test of time was overwhelmingly the winning factor (74 per cent). And, rather than just upgrading for the sake of it, over half (57 per cent) simply said they keep these things as they don’t need to be replaced. One in six of those in their 50s even say their favourite item looks better now or has actually improved with age.