Fashion Popcorn? Yes! A digital fashion salon, supported by independent filmmakers network Shooting People, takes place as part of the Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival.

Open for filmmakers, fashion designers, communicators and digital media practitioners to debate the issues around fashion, film and digital media; a short fashion film and pervasive media presentation is followed by a panel discussion.

Fashion Popcorn has been formed as a digital fashion salon – seeking to demystify digital, social and pervasive media, debunk the geek myths, and encourage the adoption of new technologies for creative expression and communication. All fashion designers, film makers and digital media practitioners are invited to pinpoint and discuss key issues around fashion, film and digital media – and they are also encouraged to explore the potential for collaboration across these industries to foster new opportunities to maximize benefit for all of us.

Participating names include Matter2Media’s Tim Kindberg who presents his Krstl project as well as filmmaker and curator Kathryn Ferguson.

Conscious of fashion is not yet leading the field in digital innovation, but realizing about the potential relationship between fashion and digital media is vastly more than a handful of blogs and the odd tweet, Featherhouse and Shooting People are committed to present you with a very appealing festival, taking place along this summer in different London venues.

The evolution of the digital landscape offers exciting new opportunities to harness technologies to create, communicate and engage audiences. And, as consumers, we know that there are means to converge our real and virtual lives in ways that are innovative, purposeful and – most importantly – fun. In fashion we are at a digital crossroads, and now is the time for debate on what path we take, how we travel and who travels as our companions.

The first Fashion Popcorn event takes place during Rushes Film Festival on 22nd July, at London College of Fashion, London. 

Featherhouse is producing Fashion Popcorn in association with Shooting People.

Check their web out for further info on schedules, conferences and participation: