Have you been sunburnt before? The answer is likely to be yes but you may not have been aware that sunburn can seriously damage your skin. That’s why leading online retailer Asos has joined forces with Cancer Research UK to create Fashion Forecast in a bid to not only raise awareness of dangerous sunburn but to combat crimes against fashion. The message is to look cool and enjoy the sun safely this summer.

The summer campaign targets young people and aims to make them more aware of the dangers of sunburn such as skin cancer and premature ageing of the skin. Whether it is a trip to the park, a festival or just hanging out with friends, the Fashion Forecast will help shoppers pick an outfit that is all about style and not sunburn.

A survey was published earlier this month to mark the launch of ‘Fashion Forecast’ from Cancer Research UK’s SunSmart campaign and fashion retailer Asos. The light-hearted poll revealed that the socks and sandals combo are looks to completely avoid this summer, but a worrying fact emerged that only a diminutive four per cent of people regarded sunburn as a summer fashion faux pas. This suggests an unnerving acceptance of unhealthy sunburn as a fashion norm.

The poll also revealed that over two thirds (34 per cent) admit to having ever sported the potentially dangerous sunburnt look for themselves, with that figure rising to almost half among people aged 18-34 years (44 per cent). This is particularly worrying as getting sunburn is a sign that the skin cells have been damaged and increases the risk of malignant melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer in later life.

Fashion Forecast provides up to the minute expert style advice for any occasion and has a range of versatile looks to help people work their wardrobe with “all style, no sunburn” this summer.