Who used the first tailored perfume? When it started the fancy for luxe fragrances? What unites Jennifer Lopez and Madame Chanel? To answer some of these questions the quintessentially British luxury store Harrod´s is holding an exhibit — titled The Perfume Diaries — “celebrating the past, present and future of the perfume industry”.

The exhibition is curated by Roja Dove, fragrance expert and head at Haute Perfumerie at Harrods, in collaboration with Givaudan.  This “true celebration of the fragrance industry” will be nourished by the archives of the key fragrance houses, ranging from Dior to Guerlain and Robert Piguet, and including the most notorious new comers as Thierry Mugler.

The Perfume Diaries in meant to chronicle the fascinating story of perfume from ancient times right through to modern day and beyond. Harrods will unveil the amazing heritage behind fragrances on the market today, demonstrating the evolution of the world’s favorite scents. Notes of swing, the intensity of the World War I or the rave of Rock N´Roll will also have a say in this show, which after some early previews at the end of August will open to the public from September 2nd to October 2nd 2010.

Housed within a stylish contemporary exhibition space on the Fourth Floor of Harrods, the Perfume Diaries will appeal to anyone who has ever purchased a bottle of fragrance. Featuring a ‘who’s who’ of the fragrance world, The Perfume Diaries is a comprehensive view of the most significant and influential scents to have emerged since the 1800s; from Jicky to JLo and everything in between.

In collaboration with Givaudan, The Perfume Diaries will also include an interactive exhibit allowing visitors to see, touch and smell raw materials used in perfume.

To set the final broche to this chic exhibition, fancy a fabulous Afternoon Tea? Master pâtissier to the stars Eric Lanlard has designed a new menu inspired by key perfume notes and ingredients and in celebration of The Perfume Diaries.