‘EVERYTHING we do in life, the clothes we wear, food we eat, architecture, medicine and of course – the music we hear everyday have been brought about, influenced, changed and channelled by the development and history of black people within our society.’

Noir will be an acknowledgement and celebration of diversity and the richness it brings to our society. It will announce and note the massive difference this has made to our lives through fashion & design – PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.Never afraid to innovate, Untold offers its take on creativity in colour as they mark their third anniversary.

Now is the time to Tell these stories…Untold talent yet no platform, this event will hone in on the breadth and wealth of innovation, creativity and pure talent that exists within the fields of fashion & design. For too long the creative potential and achievements of individuals from the Black and Minority Ethnic community within Fashion & Design have been under represented, this showcase & exhibition will provide the picture equivalent of a thousand words, through the eyes of these creatives, a story will be Told.

You are invited to witness the dawn of a new age and immerse yourself in the liberation of revolution. An expression of culture through fashion, art & design, will occur combining to create an aura of inspirational, directional and creative genius that is as yet Untold.

Noir launches against the backdrop of Black History season, with a spotlight on culture, this is an offering to get the creative juices flowing in an inclusive, inspiring and thought provoking showcase incorporating; exhibition, Pecha Kucha , short film & catwalk presentations.