Online fashion giant Asos has launched a new fashion democracy with its Marketplace site which enables customers, boutiques and designers to sell through its website.

Asos new fashion democracy eMarketplaceAsos aims to offer more than traditional marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay with customers encouraged to show their clothes being worn rather than photographed on a hanger to achieve maximum selling potential. The site also operates a separate area for smaller independent retailers to sell goods, as the retail fashion giant believes allowing small boutiques to sell on Asos will boost traffic to its site and further drive sales.

Thus, Asos will send scouts to visit those shops wishing to sell on Marketplace to authenticate what they sell, then create shop-in-shops for the businesses. In its Manifesto, Asos pledges its marketplace is a destination for inspiration and discovery, where fashion lovers sell directly to each other and where individuals can recycle their wardrobes alongside specialist boutiques.


The company also states fashion only becomes style when clothes are brought to life, thereby all photography across Marketplace is shot ‘street style’, bringing style back to where it began, the people’s runway