Continuing with a unending list of unmissable secret sample sales, there is another date for your agenda this week. Named by all the top fashion journalists as the best designer warehouse sale around; Designer Warehouse Sales pride themselves on having more genuine designer labels under one roof than any other outlet in the country, with reductions upwards of 60%!

Shoppers will rub shoulders with top stylists and fashion editors who are all in on the big secret, and with stock replenished daily there is no reason not to attend more than once.

The three day exclusive event is one not to be missed.
Where:Islington Studies. 5-6 Islington Studios. Thane Works, Thane Villas. London N7 7NU.

Opening Times:

3rd December: 10am – 8pm
4th December: 10am – 6pm
5th December: 11am – 5pm

There is a charge of £2 upon entry and you can find your best route towards there here. Have fun!!!