January welcomes the first London pop-up shop by sheepskin brand EMU Australia. Located on Lamb’s Conduit Street, the temporarily store sells men’s and women’s footwear, women’s apparel and accessories, and is open from Monday to Saturday.

For a three month period, the EMU store will stock its whole sheepskin and merino wool range. The brand is     known for manufacturing high quality products and has been producing sheepskin boots for decades. Originated from Geelong, surfers used to come to the area for sheepskin off cuts to wrap their feet in. These boots were completed with a sole, and are today one of the most recognisable footwear in the world.

The EMU Australia factory is still located on the 130 year old Jackson tannery site. The company uses Grade A quality Australian Borderlester / Merino cross sheepskin, which is known for its blend of fine and thick pile fleece with a strong pelt. Last year EMU launched its clothing and accessories collections following the same design direction as the footwear. The products are available from premium retailers in 67 countries across the globe.