Talented fashion photography duo Hunter & Gatti  team up with clothing giant Mango for brands first-ever online video mini-series set to premier on What Should I Wear by Mango web page.

Filmed in Los Angeles but inspired by the iconic Sex & The City, for this 8 episode mini-series, actors will be joined by real people like the stylist Luke Storey and fashion bloggers Rumi Neely, Natalie Suarez and Julie Sarinana, who offer their own fashion tips to the characters which actually can be applied to the real life situations.

What Should I Wear by Mango mini-series premiers March 15th, and as the MANGO production team themselves explain in MNG corporative blog, they just got back from Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. “You may remember we were out there filming a new offering for What Should I Wear by Mango 2011”  remind the filming crew to all the followers of the Spanish brand.

A lot of work has gone into it, but we’re proud of the end results and are really hoping you’ll love it. I really don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you should know it includes 4 girls in Los Angeles. Just imagine!

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing little snippets over the next few weeks, and if we believe the gossip, it’s worthy of a cinema screen!