After a thougher than ever Monday, I decided it was time to get pampered and to spoil my significant other with a couple of wardrobe treats from H&M. I took the chance to bring home their new Mag´s issue, and hereby recommend it, specially the East London guide article, plenty of cool suggestions by Susie Lau.

This has been the inspiration for Him, although I channeled into the urban renewed khakis, going for the eponymous colour for both the chinos and the military-esque shirt. The button down shirts give a preppy, well dressed impression – but can be styled to go with any look. Match with a t-shirt or jersey underneath, or add a scarf, for a more casual style.

For me, I got drawn by the accessories frenzy, falling in love with this elegant fake fur collar   and pairing it with a stunning pair of flared jeans for as little as 19.99 GBP! To complete the look, a fine knitted oversized jumper in utilitarian beige. Finnaly,

Finally, I sucumbed to this navy staple…can´t help it but love every single variation on Breton tees!!