It’s boot season and we are here to help you get it right. Meet the boots that work hard at making you look great. Oh and we’ve teamed them with some of our favourite dresses just for the sake of it.


Even the slimmest of legs can end in a cankle. If you don’t know what that is then you have skipped this little body quirk where your calf and ankle are simply one entity. Lucky you. But if your calf and ankle are a little too well acquainted then you and your legs must rejoice in the end of summer and her obsession with cankle-accentuating strappy sandals. The knee-high boot is your friend. Enjoy drawing attention to your feet in these on-trend fringed knee-highs. By no means buy a pair of cropped ankle boots.


People may scoff when you complain about your too-skinny legs but they just don’t know how tricky it can be to find a boot that doesn’t gape then drape when it shouldn’t or make your Legs Eleven look the wrong side of slim. Don’t try to bulk up your pins in puffed up fur-lined knee-highs but embrace their very leanness in a pair of ankle boots and invest in thick tights.

Boots can be mean to you. You see them sitting there looking all perfect and then you try them on but, no matter how you press and pull, that side zip just won’t budge above the top of your ankle. Don’t force your legs in as the visual result is a very displeasing calf muffin top.  Happily footwear designers are acknowledging the fact that not all women are Elle MacPherson and some have a little more calf than, say, supermodels. So enjoy boots like these with a wider-leg fit. Phew.

All these gorgeous boots plus more, more, more to inspire you to a stylish winter are online now so check them out.

Nicola Wood Editor, MyRedoute Magazine